Blessed to be Broken

June 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Breaking hearts I hear you sing
with shattered chords and battered wings.
Your hands stray up; your tears hit ground
as I silently sweep the dramatic background.

My heart cries out with a croaking voice.
I offer open arms that embrace empty voids.
At least your breaking hearts can speak
and kisses once rimmed your teary cheek!

Breaking hearts I hear your song
and hold the frail hands where other’s belong.
I wipe salty mists from chapped eyes
and smile sweetly behind my cheery guise.

My heart doth weep when day doth close and
I travel the worn path I readily chose.
I hear piteous cries echo in the lonely night
as I clutch closed my fists with tremulous might.

Broken hearts tape closed the gap
and dismiss the scar from lover’s trap!
You once did love and love you must!
Lest your worn heart disintegrate to tragic dust.

The author's comments:
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." - Moulin Rouge!

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