Love You More

June 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Hold me
Fold your arms around me
drown me
in false tears
dear, i'm sick of hearing
empty apologies
they follow me
you say it's not your fault
I agree it's not
I lie
you blame it all on Dad
you left him 'cause he made you sad
oh I'm sure
just like you say without a doubt
my sister
the one you kicked out
deserved it
got us all into this s***
you say you love me
Mom,I love you more
you lie
as do I

The author's comments:
My mom divorced my dad and kicked out my sister in the same summer. It was really hard to deal with because my mom was really hard to get along with anyway, and me being a daddy's girl didn't help things. She always apologized, saying this was for the best, but I knew it was only best for her. One day she told me she loved me and it caught me off-guard because all she had been doing lately was yelling at me for weird reasons like I didn't offer her any of the fun-size candy bar I was eating (really). I say "I love you more." And that became our thing we said. I felt bad though, because deep inside I didn't know if that was true. My mom didn't act like she loved me, and I wasn't so sure I loved her all that much either. Now, we are closer, and I figured I'd post a poem I wrote while crying myself to sleep after being grounded from seeing my Dad because he helped me decide to be myself instead of her.

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