the hurt of a women

June 1, 2010
By Lexiz17 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lexiz17 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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The deceiving cay that looks at me
The lying face that I see before me
Hold that heart that once lived within me
Bleeding in the paw of that deceiving cats face
Was the one thing that held me together?
You ripped out and squeezed the last love I had for anyone
Looking into the eyes of once before was joy and love
Now is something I see as hate and evil
The blood dripping down like the rose peddles falling from the high bush
The eyes of hade and heartless is bestowed in my brain will taunt me for the days that my memories hold on
The blood that covers the grown will be stained with love the body that stands before you is now a empty shell that now will be used as a sight to people’s option

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