I Admit

June 1, 2010
I admit, I am afraid
Will you be here when I wake?
I cannot leave and I cannot stay
I admit, I’m so afraid
Tell me, dear, what do you feel?
Why can you not kiss me and make me real?
My breathing is shallow for what I see
I cannot breathe, I cannot speak
Or I would, I would make you understand
How I hurt and what they have planned
Can you hear my whispered words?
I see a sun broken into thirds
I feel your sentiments are undeserved
I’m fading away, oh please make me real
What could it hurt, what could you feel?
Will you be here when I wake?
Oh my dear, please don’t be afraid
Do not cry when I fade
I am not worth crying for
Flee and start all your life over
I am to be easily forgotten
(Unless you would change our fate)
I am to be left behind
(Unless you would just make me true)
Come, dear one, do not fear my end
Forget me as you would and mend
Flee and I will fade
Since you’re far too afraid
Afraid to make me real
You would rather make this what I would feel

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