Your Words

June 1, 2010
By illuminatedark BRONZE, Morris, Illinois
illuminatedark BRONZE, Morris, Illinois
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And the words mean so much to me…
Merely symbols strung together in a simplistic, archaic, but utterly advanced form.
Merely an informal dance between the tongue, teeth, and mouth.
But your words bring me to tears, euphoria, divine epiphanies.
Your words are every flower blooming, every star exploding, every life ending with a cascade of sparks.
Your words are the crash and lull of the waves I watched upon that cliff
and the reason I decided to not move, to not jump.
Your words are my life, my thoughts.
Your words are the spring and the winter and the seasons between,
every life and every death, every rebirth, every decision, every heartbreak.
Words are meaningless.
Your words are everything.
Your words…

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