May 31, 2010
By christinaaberc BRONZE, Bellevue, Washington
christinaaberc BRONZE, Bellevue, Washington
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Oh how I love to sleep
Which makes the hatred of my alarm run very deep
With all that homework giving me the up-late blues
I can’t seem to get my full snooze
And so I come, dragging myself to school
Where my friend Emma has to push me, like a stubborn mule
This is what happens at school every morning
Which indeed, makes one’s life very, very boring
There is one special day apart from the rest
It was quite amazing, maybe one of my best
It happened a year ago, to this very day
Emma was bringing me to Spanish Dos in her usual way
“Calm down everyone!” Ms. Rolon said
All I could think about was my Tempur-pedic bed
As the lesson started, my head dropped down
And her voice resembled the teacher in Charlie Brown
In my mind, I was still wide-awake
But on the outside, people had a different take
Apparently, my head was on my desk, and I was asleep
And no one laughed, not even a peep
Suddenly I heard a sharp ¡Christina!
And I blurted out, ¡Se peleaba con la niña!
Sí, said mi profesora, and I was utterly amazed
At how I could have been right, when I was so dazed
Ms. Rolon never knew the truth of that verb
And she never will, unless she reads this little blurb
Now I believe I should make this a wrap
Which means it’s time for my five-hour nap.

The author's comments:
I decided to write this piece out of inspiration from a project we had to do in our Honors English Class. We all got one literary word, and we had to write a story or poem on it. Mine was an Anecdote, and so I wrote this little funny poem about my mornings. And this is a very true story.

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