Broken and Condemed

May 31, 2010
By Minnie101 SILVER, Cleveland, Tennessee
Minnie101 SILVER, Cleveland, Tennessee
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Of sad words of tongue and pen the saddest are these it might have been...

As my heart lies in broken pieces upon the ground,
You don't even know the pieces exist.
As my tears fall like liquid diamonds upon my cheeks,
You don't even feel the pain I am going through.
You don't even know about
The broken pieces of the heart that still loves you
And that always will.
As my voice echoes through the silent atmosphere,
You don't even hear the resounding cry.
As the mist swirls silently around me, chilling the tears,
You don't even care that I suffer the agony of lost love.
You wouldn't even look back
To see the pale face of the girl who loved you
And who always will.

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