June 4, 2010
By Aubrey Calaway BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Aubrey Calaway BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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It rides, peddling effortlessly
Through the murky water
It’s eyes light the way
With curiosity
Figures float through
His mind, constantly reminding him
Of a reminder
The droplets of gold
Never cease
As the splash onto
His skin, sprouting
Streams of smoke that whisper
In the ears of
The lost
And the found
The content that sit
In one place, never yearning
To explore
Anywhere else that is another
Place beside their own
Certain minds do not allow
For the unthinkable, yet
Others are made
Only for that.
Can a solid be
As nonexistent as a dream?
This world we live in
Is a Memory
With a dash of Future
And some Present mixed in between

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