Beauty Queen

June 4, 2010
Maybe she's born with it.
No, it’s just the Maybelline.
A tiara sparkles her crown
as it looks down on its inferior society.
She saves lives and the world,
one coat of mascara at a time.
Still, She's a turtle in her makeup.

She skins her knees. They don’t bleed.She just oozes regal beauty on a floor.At the end of day,
She her flaws expose themselves.
She skins knees. She bleeds.

Her glossy waves form a beauty tsunami,
and she washes away all insecurities
with her ocean of hair.
When the tsunami dies and the gloss dries,
her waves deteriorate to dry ripples.
They crack like a desert.

She sees herself in the mirror.
Beauty Queen faces another side.
Her tiara transforms to rust,
an ocean of waves adapt to a desert,
but she patches the knees,
and she continues to gildedly dazzle.

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Toran said...
Feb. 3, 2012 at 8:51 am
OMG. You are a really great writer. I love your sense of humor and how you just put it out there. This was amazing and I think a lot of girls should check this out. Keep on writing!
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