June 4, 2010
By TrinityLeight BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
TrinityLeight BRONZE, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Create your lies over time
say that you love me ?
Are you blind ?
Act as if im nothing at all
then you act like your different from us all.
Im a human a soul a person you see ?
I have a heart that you dont that you should see.
Telling me you love me is like a threat
seconds pass
the felling stayed.
you love me you hate me ,
you are a -----

I thought you were the one meant for me ,
the boy that i would never forget.
Sure your something diffferent,
somebody that will be remeberd by as a ,
manwhore a pest.
Your like an animal that im allergic to your worthless.
You cough I run , you lied I quit.
Picking you up while the whole world fell ,
whats wrong with me ?
Ive caught the diease of death ,

you gave me hope then you take it away,
now you say you love me ?
well its to late
our love has passed,
we are done.
Take your stuff and then be gone.
I loved you and then you said you loved me
Well i did belive ou and now it was just a dream.
You are going to drown in all your flithy lies,
now take all the boys that aer like you and go die.

Kill me hate me ,
whatever you like
your soul is worthless
your mind isnt bright
lost your hope , your mind
is it a game ?
to killmy heart like a peice of wood,
break me burn me ,
use me for your delights.
Dont you wish you could ?

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