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June 4, 2010
By JulioOrozco BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
JulioOrozco BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Music is my god, and is the only love that has never left me" - Ville Valo

I am from lullabies for a dormant mind
from downy and pine sol.
I am from the wooden floors in every room
dark, brown, and always cold.
I am from the rose bush in front of the house
the big sturdy tree that keeps carved memories since day one.

I am from guitars and long curly hair
from Jesus and Carolina.
I am from loser to freak
from “may god forgive you” and “why do you have to be so different.”
I am from he’s not real, just a man made thing to give people hope.

I am from Marias branch
from tacos to burritos
From the first time my cousin introduced the value of music to me.
Not having time for dreaming because I am working hard to make my dreams come true.
With moms love and support, and dads shame and disappointment.

I am from those moments
A needle in a hay stack
Almost impossible to find, but will always keep on looking.

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