My Last Day of School

June 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Tears well in my eyes,
Two forces acting upon each other,
I will them to stop,
I beg them to go,
I no longer fight it.

They fall in rivers.

Where will they be?
Those friends I loved most,
Life will be a race,
To find where they are,
When I need them...

A quest you find in a game.

I laugh at my tears,
I see others doing the same,
Sweet lullaby,
Rock me to sleep,
So I can forget the pain.

Sing me away.

I want to leave this school,
Oh, finally will I be free,
But the thought of how big,
The world will be now,
Makes me feel the loss even more.

Dead weights on my shoulders.

I wipe at my tears,
And I laugh my sweet laugh,
I listen to their voices,
I agree with what they say,
And i never think...

I never think...

Of the last bell,
Until it sounds in my ears,
Until it rings through the halls,
And only then is when I can say,

Forever will I remember.

The author's comments:
I wish there were words that could explain the loss I feel on my last day of school.

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