To Be Me

June 4, 2010
To be me is to be unsure
Do I have an identity of my own
Or am I just bits and pieces of other people
I struggle sometimes inn a never ending war
Me vs. myself
Am I helping me or hurting me

To be me is to be pressured
I’ve gotta be more like my sister
Less like myself
I’m held to impossible standards
Do what she does, as good as she does
Or else I’m no good

To be me is to be faceless
My teachers use her name in place of mine
Even though she graduated two years ago
Is she more memorable than me
I feel like I’m lost in a crowd of identities
But none of them are mine

To be me is to be confused
I don’t know if my desires or mine or my mother’s
Do I really enjoy music or is it her dream
Sometimes I wonder if I‘d be the same robot without her

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