I want

June 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I want to fly and laugh till it hurts
I want to write until I've run out of words.
I want to run and have nobody catch me
So far, far away, where no one will find me
I want to sleep away mornings curled up in bed
I want to play songs over and over again
I want to lie and bask in the sun,
Dreaming and thinking until the day is done
I want somebody to hold me so tight
And wrap their arms around me all through the night
I want to climb mountains and look to the sky
If life were this perfect, we'd never die.
I want to have sand in my hair and my toes
The smell of the ocean twirling in my nose
I want to read until my eyes fall out
About far away countries I've heard so much about
I want to wear mismatching songs
Walking through creeks only on rocks
I don't want to be judged every single day
I want to be free from the things people say
I want to sing songs so loud and nobody will tell me I'm bad
I want to be able to cry, just because I'm sad
I want to get rid of any pain that I feel
The wounds and the scars that never seem to heal
I want to explore both far and near
And I want to listen to everything that I hear.
I want to swim and know I wont sink
And be so smart that I don't have to think.
I want to learn and have it be fun
I want to succeed, to feel like I've won.
I want to not feel the pressure to do drugs and drink
And do stuff with boys that's gross to even think
I want to look in the mirror and like what I see
And I want my friends boyfriend to stop talking to me
I want my skin to be porcelain clear
And I want the summer to finally get here.
I want to play the piano until my fingers are numb
I want to show my feelings without sounding dumb.
I wish my parents knew I had passions and dreams
But they don't understand no matter how hard I scream.
I don't really know where to go from here
As I'm holding this pen, I'm trembling in fear.
I have desires and wants, and all the rest
But nothing I do am I the best.
Maybe my mom was right the whole time
And everything I'm writing here, is just a silly rhyme
But I will keep hoping that these wants come true
And maybe one day, I will know what to do.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem after my mom told me that she didn't think I had passions and ambitions. Something about what she said struck a nerve, and I became distraught at the idea of not loving anything. I then began to think, "What do I really want?" And that is how this poem came to be. I hope that people reading this who may not know where they're going in their lives realize that sometimes it's the small things that bring us to where we really want to go.

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