For The Faithful

June 3, 2010
There is a night where the tails of shooting stars
Spread pastel angels across the black canvas.
There is a storm where a bolt of lightning is the
Flash of a photographer, blinding the
Ferocious and abusive;
Capturing the artistry of the innocent.

They are a faith given to those
Whose lives permanently scribbled outside the lines.
Whose lives charcoaled the skies and bloodied the oceans scarlet.
To those they are a vibrancy that
Reflect the color spectrum in every raindrop
While fairness and guardians are
Washed away by the flood.

There is a nightmare where the villain
Evaporates into scintillation around the heroine.
There is a future where the shadows of the unknown
Rise and fall as caps are thrown into the air;
Meet as a bride and groom kiss;
Outline a blessing.

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