June 3, 2010
By , Bethesda, MD

surrounds me.
The only thing I can hear is your voice









in my head.

Your words are a broken record,
And the track is on repeat.

You told me I would forget
That I meant nothing to you
That it was all a


Well I am here now
Memories like waterfalls are pouring through my mind.

The things you say, they’re too smooth
Not sincere. You don’t mean it
You know what you want.

So do I.
I want to erase.
I want to scream
So loud, even angels hear

I want to look at you
And not feel like I’m
S h a t t e r i n g
Into a million pieces

Your face haunts me when I sleep
When I look in the mirror,
And see you
Taunting. Laughing
When I brush up next to your hand by accident
And I see you staring at me.

Maybe it was insignificant for you
A check mark drawn next to my name
A piece of the past no longer in your present

But every time that I think you have disappeared
You show up again, as if to mock me.
Your heart like a stone,
Not caring how I feel.
Because you know what you want,
And you know just how to get it.

Well I am done,
Being the pawn in a game I have already lost
I am done dreaming that one day you realize
I am not just an afterthought.
I am done hoping it will change
Because the hurt you have caused
Has left a scar that wont fade.

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