Time took me to you

June 3, 2010
Though you're so very far away,
the distance does not matter.
My love for you is endless,
needless to say,
even if you lived across the country,
I'd still love you.

Though sometimes you make me cry,
you always found a way to fix it.
Even if you had to sit there,
for hours on end apologizing,
or you just had to make me laugh.
At the end of the day,
it always ended with an "I love you."

Though times can get tough,
you reminded me that we can get through it together,
whether it'd take time,
or not.
You held me tight in your arms,
promising to never let me go.

Though sometimes I may get irritated with you,
its only because I feel threatened.
No doubt int my mind,
I didn't want to lose you.

At the end of the day, my sweet angel,
I knew I had you, and only you.
Through the ups and downs
the tears and smiles,
you reminded me of how much I loved you.

Though sometimes you claim you love me more,
in the end baby,
you know my love for you is indescribable.

what I'm trying to say is,
baby I found you,
after all these years,
the hurt,
the pain,
and the games I had to go through,
and I ended up with someone as amazing as you.
I guess what they do say is true.
Good things do take time.
And baby, time took me to you.

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