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June 3, 2010
By Anahi SILVER, La Salle, Colorado
Anahi SILVER, La Salle, Colorado
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Watch Me,
I’m nice to you,
I’ll even laugh with you,
But inside I wish I could just say ---- you.

Yea, I want to send everyone to ----
And just stay in the comfort of my shell.
I want to flip the bird to everyone I see,
And just yell in their face to deal with it
Because this is the new me.

Supposedly I’m a good role model,
Supposedly I’m a good daughter,
Supposedly I have a bright future,
I just smile and nod,
Its better to have those people keep thinking
That I’m almost perfect.

One day I’ll get out of here,
My prince charming will be coming for me soon
To take me away from all my fears.
But until that day comes
I’m going to keep faking that I’m happy.
I’m going to keep faking to be someone that I’m not
Because I claim to know what I want and how to get it
But the truth is I don’t know ----.
What’s the point in being called intelligent,
When I do stupid decisions?
So prince charming,
When are you going to save me from me?
I’m tired of being watched.

Yea just go ahead and watch me
Because soon your own personal freak show
Is going to start.
Better go and get a seat now
They are all going to be gone soon.
Here’s some of what lays ahead in my story:
I wasn’t saved,
I didn’t have my happy ending,
My prince charming didn’t come,
He was to busy focused on himself
To notice I needed him.

Shhhhhhhhhhh!!! Turn your phone off
The show is starting,
And I need you to watch me.

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