A Special Friend

June 3, 2010
By Liggy BRONZE, Indio, California
Liggy BRONZE, Indio, California
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A Special Friend

You are one that inspires many
The thought of having you in my life has awakened my every dream
You are undeniably a special friend
Words can’t express how charming you are
You are candidly a very admirable person
The way you look at me,
The diligence you have is well,
Your grace is inexplicable
You are virile, the way you exhibit such a masculine spirit is,
Never will I forget your honesty is genuine
Through the good and the bad times,
You have always been extremely reliable
When I needed a shoulder to cry on,
It was you and only you that was there
Not expecting anything in return
That is why you are undeniably a special friend
You are sincere even when it is luring to be deceitful
My inconsistent personality and your luminous personality are faultless
Whenever you are around me you naturally make me glow
You are gracious with anything and everything you do
Finally, every word that comes out of your mouth is a delight
That is why you are truly a special friend

The author's comments:
This poem was originally an english assignment but it inspired me to try and get it published.

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