Time Is a Lie

June 3, 2010
Do you remember me telling you how hard it would be?
I told you once, confided entirely into you only one time ever, so don’t you remember me?
I said it would be a few months and then the time would come.
Now, all I have is a few hours, because I have been waiting and the time is here.
I couldn’t slow time down, but I did try to cram every memory in.
After all those slow and fast seconds, my time has run out.
And every time the thought came I wanted to run and cry and shout
Now my nightmare is a reality
But I don’t run because where do I have to go?
I guess you have no recollection
Which proves you can’t rely on what you thought friends were (or you just couldn’t understand)
And time is a lie who is actually an illusion
And time isn’t set in stone
It changes, so fast and so slow

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vballchick said...
Jul. 5, 2010 at 4:56 pm
I adored it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv how you looked at time and friendship in a different perspective. You're very creative and smart. I also luved how you wrote your feelings so openly. I could never do that. Great poem.
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