Won't Believe

June 3, 2010
By JosselynShaw SILVER, Rancho Palos Verde, California
JosselynShaw SILVER, Rancho Palos Verde, California
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"When life gives you lemons make grape juice then sit back and watch them try and figure out how you did it"-Nico

There’s a chance you won’t believe me
Won’t understand my words
Won’t comprehend my symbols
Won’t recognize my langue
Won’t grasp my concept
Won’t identify my heart
But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try

I know today wasn’t very grand
Wasn’t pleasant
Wasn’t admirable
Wasn’t kind
Wasn’t pleasurable
Wasn’t full of love
But that doesn’t mean it was never there

May I start by saying how sorry I am
I’m sorry for the words I said
I’m sorry for the actions I carried out
I’m sorry for the anger I felt
I’m sorry for the hurt I experienced
I’m sorry for inflicting those things on you
But that doesn’t mean I’m not still scared

No matter what happens, I love you so much
I love your green eyes that spark
I love your soft laugh that makes me smile
I love that ridge under your nose that only your family has
I love the things you do
I love who you are, from the surface to deep down inside
And that means I will never leave you

The author's comments:
for my boyfriend

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