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June 4, 2010
By , Redmond, OR

It's like a puzzle piece that doesn't fit,
but is twisted and turned to try and make the cut,
and ends up staying in place,
with the illusion of being the right one.


It's like a ship trapped in a glass bottle,
with a cork squeezed through the top,
You see through your deceiving eyes,
contemplating the unscrewing of the cap,
but with a second look you see,
that wouldn't solve the predicament,
because the ship still lays all alone deprived of water,
the only solution is to smash the glass against a hard surface,
only to find the wood and sails all torn,
and having to sweep up all the shredded glass,
that was so perfectly laid across.


It's like a one-sided mirror,
with society on one side looking at their own reflection,
where the truth lay on the other side,
never to be known what is there,
unless someone can build up the courage to yell,
and maybe,
just maybe,
with such a high effort to be heard,
Someone may just be listening for a fragment of the unusual,
and become the utmost interested in what you have to say,
and curious enough to try and see the other side,
but not knowing just what to do


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