A Dance With Death

June 4, 2010
By EllieH:) BRONZE, Fair Haven, New Jersey
EllieH:) BRONZE, Fair Haven, New Jersey
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A life of beauty and mystique
That’s what you steal from me
You’re a threat to my success
Affection is my only disease

I dance with you while the crowd cheers
They have never seen a thing like me
Throw me roses and admiration
Both have thorns that make me bleed

Dancing with death is the richest of all shows
The crowd knows what they deserve, girl
A distraction from the stresses of home
I oblige, for I am a king on a queen’s throne

So try to stop my dazzling elegance, sweetheart
I am ferocious and followed by fame
My dance is my freedom and my place
Love, love, love me and I’ll be free someday

The author's comments:
Poem inspired by the short story Remember the Alamo by Sandra Cisneros. The short story and the poem share a common hidden struggle: AIDS.

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