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My Three Favorite People MAG

June 4, 2010
By meganiscooler GOLD, New Kingston, New York
meganiscooler GOLD, New Kingston, New York
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Favorite People
I look at you
and I see rainbows, colors missing.
I smell spice and chicken,
I hear “Stay Awake” by All Time Low.

I look at her
and I see peach pits on long golden chains.
I smell burning flour,
I hear giggles and snorting.

I look at him
and I see sunglasses at midnight.
I smell fried dough in the summer,
I hear off-key Hollywood Undead.

I look at me
and I see everyone I'll always need.
I smell drying ink on wrinkled paper,
I hear their voices in my heart.

The author's comments:
the three people I can't live without really do make me who I am. this is written in a kinda childish way, but I like it.

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