Riddled Little Problems

June 4, 2010
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i have a story to tell,
its just about a boy and girl
who take on the world one kiss at a time.
both have needs, wants, and desires
that never seem to happen;
the distance is too much.
its just a little riddle, a little problem,
they dont want to get caught.
secret secrets about running away
to a far desert island
just a hammock in hand.
dreams fall like the grains of sand
on the white beach their feet never touched.
music is their story, their song, their muse,
for it never failed them the way people do.
falling mercilessly into the arms of their beloved,
the escape, the relief.
a silent prayer each night to keep this hope alive
this trust, this dream alive.
i have a story to tell you about a boy and a girl,
who take on the world one kiss at a time.

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