The Home They Roam

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Animals are so great
They are fun to imitate
So don’t hate what you should appreciate,

There’re so fine, how they blow my mind,
God made them so divine,
With bunny so funny
The cat so fat,
The rat and his scat,
But they’re not just that!

There’s the eagle and beagle!
The dog and the frog!
The rhinoceros and the bugs all around!
And don’t forget all the things in the ocean,
But not all have a tail and a fin.

The starfish and minos,
Sharks and whales,
The billions of fish full of scales!
As you take your descent…
… you see fish with iridescent!
They know how to glow
To stay alive in the dark
Heck, with lights with show,
They thrive in the dark!

Back in the air, don’t think they don’t care!
We destroy their homes!
The forest they roam!
All for what? To write poetry on paper
Don’t you see?
That you and me could survive,
Even if they don’t cut down a another tree.

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