Something Good Has Its Bads

June 28, 2010
My heart is my love
My love is immortal
Something the fly’s
Something that soars above
So profound, so great
Can’t be broken with mere words
Destiny, dreams, my faith

Knocking down all that steps in my way
I have paid my depts.
Followed certain footsteps
And beaten down my provoking pest
I’ve only wanted peace and tranquility
Salvage among love’s agony and pain
The cosmic balance between loves differences

I savage those, whom cause such revenge on a two,
There’s plenty out there this one’s just isn’t for you,
So never come back and go find your mistress your who.

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trblue said...
Jul. 1, 2010 at 5:56 am

sotty i gave u 2 stars i ment 4, sorry.

you were good.

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