May 13, 2010
By XDeAdXSoUlXHaTeXLoVeX BRONZE, Salisbury, Maryland
XDeAdXSoUlXHaTeXLoVeX BRONZE, Salisbury, Maryland
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If you believe in magic, follow your heart. Don't live your life hidden in the dark. Saying what you want, expressing how you feel. Don't be afraid to be you, to be real. If you feel like crying, cry tears of blood. Because you feel like you aren't understood. Love all the people who don't love you back. You're letting thos **** walk on you like a mat. You keep a smile on your face even when your heart hurts. All trhose bad memories you just want to burn. You bottle your feelings until you can't take it anymore. They don't know what you feel when you close the door. You try to believe it will all go away. Until you wake up in an unknwon place. Nowhere to go, nothing but the floor. Then you wonder if there's anything to live for. You wake up, cry, sit up and breathe. Realize that it was just a bad dream. But in that bad dream something opened your eyes, you grab the knife and start to cry. You're screaming and bleeding while you're all alone. You're dead on the floor and nobody knows. They're lowering the casket six feet down. While your mom is on her knees breaking the silence all around. Your dad doesn't care, and your brother is ashamed. Now your mom is thinking maybe she is to blame. But for what? She was there and gave you love all along. You were the one who couldn't make yourself strong.

The author's comments:
I take things that happen, like this one was about how I felt like I couldn't take life anymore. And I really hope you guys can be inspired to not let people get you down.

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