Carry Me, Carry Me

May 13, 2010
By WriterJK SILVER, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
WriterJK SILVER, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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This obscenity runs my mind
It cannot be stopped
The confusion is like a strangling clench
On my thoughts and actions
It deafens my process and action
Disabling my ability to sleep or function
A massive disillusion of a hope far gone
Pressuring me, torturing me, controlling me!
I wish for this to end
I wish for a hopeful and better life
What shall become of it?
Better yet; what shall I become of it?
My spirit knows the answer
As my future waits
This dark black hole in my brain
Slowly dissipates
Bringing my new life in all its glory
Shadowing my inner self and growing rapidly
Self control I have started to obtain
What shall this glory do with me now?
Why ramble and bring to question?
Reality is already here…
I just never made the realization
To bring it upon my life until now…
Goodnight past and good morning future
My duties are alive and well
Wait patiently for your orders
Bring to me your guidance
And I will bring about my self
With my conscience new and pure
A new breath of life sprouting and forming
To carry me onward in this great abyss
Also known as a LIFE
Carry me, carry me
I am truly ready and can say for a fact
LIFE no longer is a mystery, but a plan of action
Waiting to be fulfilled
Whatever happens along the way is supposed to happen
Foot to ground, Eyes to scenery, a beautiful painting
Just a new illusion that Childers has painted
I walk into it with a grin, knowing that I know nothing
And that yet I know everything
This is all my reason for this thing called a LIFE

The author's comments:
Well, I wrote this while i was on a trip to Disney World actually. I couldn't fall asleep, because this poem was just flowing in my head. Also, I would like to make note that when I refer to "Childers" that is the last name of one my friends whom which is an artist. She was one of my greatest inspirations for writing poetry I would have to say.

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