Can I know?

May 13, 2010
By Anonymous

I Know you outside-in
I need to know you inside-out.

I know that hair
But why does it shine?

I Know those eyes
But what’s behind them?

I know that smile
But what makes it glow?

I know those tears
But what makes them fall?

I know that look
But why do you give it?

I know who you are
But who are you?

I know that laugh
But why does it make me laugh too?

I know that walk
But why do I catch you?

I know your sayings
But why am I saying the same?

I know that gaze
But why does it catch me?

I know my feelings
But do you feel the same?

I know my dreams
But am I in yours?

I know my heart
But does yours race as well?

I know my love
But do you love alike?

I know you outside-in
I know you inside-out

And now that I know you
I know you know me.

Can I know us?

Can we know us?

The author's comments:
Poured out on paper.

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