This Burden

May 13, 2010
By volleyballchick PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
volleyballchick PLATINUM, Amarillo, Texas
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If only you could see this burden I carry.
If only you would help me.
If only you wouldn’t put
more weight on my shoulders.
If only I could continue.
This boulder is smothering me.
Making me strain to walk.
Making me exert so much energy
for such a small task.
Making me feel exhausted and tired.
Making me wish all this would go away.
Everyone adds on to my burden.
A lithe thing here
a little thing there
until it weighs five times
what it was at the beginning of the day.
I wish people would keep
their problems to themselves.
Most my problems are small
and cant crush me.
It’s everyone else that kills me.
Why can’t they see that?
Maybe its because I can hide
so much pain behind my pretty mask.
Maybe its because they see what they want to see.
Maybe because I’ve been through so much
they don’t think this will affect me.
But you’re wrong.
You’re all wrong.
I hide behind a mask to hide all my pain and fears.
To hide my tears and cries for help.
To keep my screams inside.
But you wouldn’t know of this.
No one would but me.
No one has been inside my world.
They haven’t felt what I’ve felt
and don’t know what I go through.
So don’t say that this is just another thing
I can take because I cant.
I’m boiling over the edge, ready to blow.
You might not want to stand to close
because the monster I’ve hidden so well
will escape.
And it wont be pretty.
So keep your distance from me
and please don’t leave me when I breakdown.

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