Best Friends

May 13, 2010
By Megs39 GOLD, Clarence, New York
Megs39 GOLD, Clarence, New York
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Boy and girl: best friends?

Pinky swear on it – till the end.

The innocent handshake took place

Beneath a blanketed-chair fort;

Imagination was their very best sport.

The fort could be castles, jungles, or caves,

These two best friends would here spend their days

Battling, rescuing, exploring countries like Darfur,

An approaching distance never occurred.

Middle school struck, and all that came with it,

Puberty and homework and cliques almost gave this friendship the quits.

Different classes, different friends, different clothes and styles,

How long had they separated? A week? A while?

Crying, drama, “She said WHAT?”

The weak strands of friendship strengthened through the ruts.

High school came next – a breath of fresh air

No more drama, no more worries – no one bullied, no one cared.

Both boy and girl grew their separate ways,

Never forgetting those blanket fortress days.

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