sadness and fear

May 13, 2010
By Asia_3 SILVER, Cameron, North Carolina
Asia_3 SILVER, Cameron, North Carolina
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Sadness and fear
I remember it as if it were yesterday
The skies were as dark as marble
The lands were as bloody as the slaughtered cow
I was all alone though the sky was so lonely

I was missing you and wanting you
To come back to me and hoping you won’t cry
As I feel the tears well up in my eyes
I hold’em trying to forget the fear

But still they fall, as we both cry
I hope you will come and visit me tonight
And help me through all the troubles in my life.
Help me get through them and end the fights with this knife.

I need a life
Or I going to end up running to the light
The light is super bright
I wish I could see straight through it

But I can’t so I stand with you today
Trying to make it day by day one step at a time
It would be easier with you at my side
I wont need to say good bye.

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