Chai Latte

May 13, 2010
By Asia_3 SILVER, Cameron, North Carolina
Asia_3 SILVER, Cameron, North Carolina
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Chai Latte
Chai Latte is bold
Always tasteful in what to drink
Always strong in a fight
Always warm to play with his cubs

Chai Latte is swift
Swift when to hunt
Slow when to stalk
Grazing on the ground when nothing to do

Chai Latte is territorial
Dull like Coffee
Exciting like baby animals

Chai Latte is smooth
Soft like a pillow
As rough as sandpaper
Fluffy like a peacocks feathers

Chai Latte is wild
Dry like dried grass
Dirty like mud
Beautiful like a coffee shop

Chai Latte is quiet
The scratching of sandpaper rubbing together
Roaring for dominance

Chai Latte represents animals
Boring like a wall
Loving like a mom
Furious like an angry bull

Chai Latte shows happiness
Affectionate with his siblings
Lovable to his dad
Scared to be in danger

Chai Latte represents a lion cub

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