To the Friends Who Stayed

May 13, 2010
By seer22 BRONZE, Hendersonville, Tennessee
seer22 BRONZE, Hendersonville, Tennessee
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Today I called, today you came
And swiped my soul from sorrow
And calmed the wild no whip could tame
At least until tomorrow

Oh desperate winds roll past my head!
I run and hurtle and dash
Through gallons of sweat and sunburn, red
My fire then turns to ash!

So this one's for the breezes that
Stayed even when I was walking
And lingered even when I sat
And listened when I was talking

I love you as I love the trunk
Of some soft-breathing tree
That from whose life I've often drunk
And with such harmony!

I love you as I love the sun
Of Autumn's withering grace
Which is the thought when death has begun
Of it I'LL find no trace!

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