Something as Simple as ABC

May 13, 2010
By brooke3 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
brooke3 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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All I need is you.
But we couldn’t be more distant
Cut apart by your indifference
Days go away without you noticing
Every minute of everyday I’m watching you, but you look away
Fools like me believe in you
Good guys don’t always win
How do you expect me to live with you gone?
If this is love, I want no part
Jeers flying makes me feel like crying
Knowing why would make it worse
Lies being told
May soften the hold
Nothing can make it better
Owning up to your ego would be the first step
Pacing makes the heartache stop
Quiet makes it hurt more
Ripping open this lovesick sore
Silence makes it even worse
Time passes on without any glances
Unlike anything I know, you make me feel like I want to grow
Vibes coursing through me leave me wanting more
Wishing I could see you
X-Rays are the only thing that know the real you
You had me at hello
Zeal makes me feel for you

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