Open Birth

May 13, 2010
By winy.coronadoo SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
winy.coronadoo SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
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I was born from my mama’s tears,
from dad’ wishes.
From what they couldn’t have when they were my age.
I was born from hugs, and fights.
From “the last one”, and from boys clothes.
I grew up when the economy was bad, when they said I had to try extra hard.
I grew up watching full house, and barney. Scared of silly things and hated green foods, such as barley.
I grew up with my sister, who was my mom. Only for a year of my life though.
I walked the streets of poverty and hunger, of Passed down clothes, and tears.
I loved skinny boys and mom’s Peruvian food.
I write about anything that comes to my mind.

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