June 2, 2010
By BornPoet1996 GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
BornPoet1996 GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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My favorite quote I always say is:How does one find happiness in making another lose their own and Love comes and goes like a revolving door waiting to hit you dead in the head and knock you on your little feet...

I'm one of a kind. Unlike any other. Radiant, Unique, Random, Stylish, Fashionable, Weird, Crazy, Funny, and any other fun things I can think of. Bright,Lively, Smart, Wonderful,Normal. Yeah right I'm not even the least bit of normal. Not even an inch but it is good to be me because unlike most people because a-lot of people like to be different. That don't mean I have to be treated Indifferent just because I choose not to follow what everyone else does and do my own little thing. I'm like a flower. No an orchard of wild, colorful, beautiful,lively flowers that are completely different then the others. They want to be different. Like me.I never care what people say just because I don't match. Why do they care?. After all I'm... Unique, Radiant,Brilliant,Random,Trendy,Smart and Talented.

The author's comments:
I inspired myself to write this because everybody wants to follow the latest trends... But not me because I chose to be different. Didn't have to... But chose to.

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