Why Does?

June 2, 2010
By BornPoet1996 GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
BornPoet1996 GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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My favorite quote I always say is:How does one find happiness in making another lose their own and Love comes and goes like a revolving door waiting to hit you dead in the head and knock you on your little feet...

Why do I live, breath, run, cry, laugh, sing, dance, move, sit. Maybe I just do it cause I have to?. Maybe to be like everyone else?. Maybe just to fit it?. Or maybe just to seem as normal as everyone else is even though nobody is normal. I always wonder why the basic things we all do never change. It's like a time clock.Just goes round and round and does something new at the start of every hour then you an never go backward and re-do what you wish you could. Well that's jsut... Life for ya. Atr least me. Life for me is like a mary-go-round that keeps spinning and never stops till' I find that STOP button. If I find that button it is.

The author's comments:
My basic everyday life inspired me to write it because I'm just like a hand on a clock. As I would say.

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