Will You Be My Hero???

June 2, 2010
By lnvo97 GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
lnvo97 GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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I saw this little girl on day
She walked up to me
Just when I was going to run
For my life and let everything go

She walked up to me and said
“hi I’m Angel”
In a small voice
I gave her a smile
She was very cute
About 7 or maybe even 8 years old
Her smile was of an angel
She stood at about to my waist
( I’m 5’10)
She looked very sad

Then out of no where she asked me
“ will you be my hero?
Will you help me with my problems?
Will you be by my side every step of the way?”
I looked at her confused

She then gave a long sigh
And told me her story
Apparently her parents are getting a divorce
And her older sister just committed suicide
She misses her sister very much

While she was telling me this
I saw tears coming from her eyes
I put my arms around her
And gave her a hug
In which she just then
She started to sob

I stood there holding a sobbing girl in my arms
Other people walking by us just looked
They took a glance
And walked away
I patted her and shushed her
Until her tears stopped

Then I heard to people yelling
Angel! Honey where are you?!?!”
They sounded worried
I looked around
And there they were

Her parents looked heartbroken
They tried to get Angel away from me
But she held on
I bent down and whispered these soothing words
“Angel, go with you parents
Here’s my number
Call when ever you need to talk”

She looked up at me and nodded
She gave me a quick hug
And walked towards her parents

Before she left she said to me
For being my hero”

The author's comments:
just something i had on my mind

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