Midnight Bonfire

June 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Gray smoke floats freely, winding its way into the starry night sky;
While laughter resounds lightly, as light hearts begin to fly.
The soft sound of dying waves, as they crash onto the salty shore,
Mingles sweetly with serene, acoustic songs, and melodies soar.
Joy sprouts smiles like roses living on a meadow of faces
Leaning towards the large, flowing flame and enjoying fleeting embraces.

Away from the rest, in the twilight of the flickering flame, sour tears stain the sand
From two weary of wistful mourning wishing to relive past days from which they became
Two into one, inseparable by all but their impending future.
A dreary departure; threatening to tear them apart, a torn suture
Dividing theirs into a broken love with little hope for healing.
Dwelling on dismal thoughts, the two lovers spend their last night feeling
The inevitable sorrow that their lives are revealing.

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