Lori's Dance

June 2, 2010
By lashley18 BRONZE, West Sand Lake, New York
lashley18 BRONZE, West Sand Lake, New York
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Lori danced only in the moonlight,
I used to watch her small figure float effortlessly each night,
Moving gingerly from sidewalk to sidewalk in the quiet streets,
A fragile light in the darkness for only my eyes to see.

Each night Lori would return to the same place,
Her perspicacious mannerism reflecting her discerning nature,
I found myself taking to her, staying up late just to study her,
And, like anything unknown, I craved to know more about her.

Oh Lori's warming laugh, so quick by nature
Her tranquil and soothing smile accepting in some unspoken form,
Frequently I would ask myself, with astonishment and curiosity raging within,
What lives behind those dark and mysterious eyes that I cannot see?

Step with each new beat in my music she'd laugh,
Dance with me just one more time, she would beckon,
Guiding me with those small, soft hands of hers like a mother with her child,
Each exciting step transforming me into a daisy under her breath.

Dance with me she'd whisper,
Follow me even though your instinct is to resist.
But lose yourself in me, is what I seemed to have heard her say.
Because it was then that I let go of my will, trusting her completely.

And like a grapevine all twisted within itself,
I grew toward Lori's light because of its charm and confidence.
Leaning her way, my incapable self never again considered looking back,
For Lori was my sun and I had grown to forever love her.

Lori now is faded even more with each coming day.
Every morning each new sun deceiving my heart as it rises,
Attempting to fulfill her fears by outshining her it leaps forth,
Maybe that is why she always danced in the dark.

But it was I who should have had that fear,
It was my light that never showed when standing beside her.
As you fade, my shining star, my light begins to grow brighter.
Dear Lord, how could you have distinguished such a powerful sun?

In my dreams her slender figure still dances outside my window,
My rough hand in her loving palm, she leads me into that enchanted world of hers.
Each morning I arise early enough to dance in that dark street of hers,
So as to be ready for when I finally once again join in on her dance.

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