Love Poem

June 2, 2010
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Being merely teenagers, they were afraid like their parents had old them, that they weren't really in love.

They cared for each other, yet sometimes that care didn't seem it would be enough.

Their trust in each other was immense, nothing came more naturally.

As they spent their days growing and learning from each other, they began to realize something.

Laying in the grass on the hot summer nights, listening to the silence,

They grew closer.

Riding in the car with no where to be,

They saw what they wanted most out of life.

Someone to be there for them always,

And understand them when their down.

Even when they fight,

Or don't think they'll ever make up,

They know in the end the love will always be there.

Even when the decided to go their separate ways,

They learned the lessons of being in a good relationship.

Nothing went wrong,

There might have been pain,

But through it all,

They taught each other one of the greatest lessons in life.

They realized, they really were in love, not because they had strong feelings,

But because being two separate people,

They made one another a better person.

So even though they didn't work out in the end,

Without one another they wouldn't have had the experiences they had.

They wouldn't have fallen in love.

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