June 2, 2010
By Priskilla PLATINUM, Ruskin, Florida
Priskilla PLATINUM, Ruskin, Florida
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When I was little I was thought you were always there that no matter what scientist think or say you were here before any living things ,
You created the world within seven days you made the great flood that destroyed everything but those select few. You chose those who follow you.
I was taught that if I had faith that you were really there
Than you would take me from my grave up to the heavens shining with grace,
That as long as I asked for forgiveness for my sins everything would be okay
I would live the holly way, the right way, the Christ like way, the only way
I was taught not to be bad and read your word as long as I listened
I would be seen as a Christian girl
For years and years I went to church every Sunday and Wednesday I did my devotions I read my verses
I studied everything I tried my very best to the Christian I was supposed to be
I wanted very much for you to see me
To love me
To know I was here,
I wanted you to answer my prayers.
I was little and I was told if I prayed you would answer my prayer.
But I prayed and prayed I did as I was told
I did everything I was told would make you proud of me.
But my prayer was not answered my life didn’t change.
I hadn’t felt different my life was still broken.
I want to ask you something. If I dedicated my life to pleasing you
Why couldn’t you answer this one prayer?
Why couldn’t you do this for me?
I was your child...
Did you not love me?
Did I do something wrong?
Why did you ignore me when I tried so hard?
So now I don’t really think your there
You’re not real if you can’t answer on simple prayer

The author's comments:
i just dont knpw whats real or whats not thies days

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