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June 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Fuchsia Flip-flops
Flip-flop, flip-flop my precious comfort shoes repeated.
My fuchsia flip-flops frenzied as I flew through the ferocious Florida streets.
The flip-flops tanned quickly as I wore them everyday.
Flip-flops are pillows for my feet, cushioning them with every step.
Squeak, squeak my fashionable friends hollered as I walked in the water on the beach.
Perfect Pool
The pool sits silently and still in my back yard.
It is as blue as a the Caribbean Sea under the aqua sky.
Sun sweating as Sadie and Seth splash on a scorching summer Saturday.
Whoosh! Screams the water as we cannon ball off of the diving board.
As the sun set the pool grew as calm as a sleeping baby.
Crazy Campground
Ribbit, croak, snap, the soothing sounds of the campground arose as the sun set and the moon peeked out.
The lake waved to me as all of the boats zoomed by.
The breeze blew by as I burnt on the beach.
The pond was an underwater Atlantis made up of frogs, turtles, muck, and trash.
The campfire was like a beaver, eating away at the wood quickly.

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