June 2, 2010
By itzmuzic2myearz BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
itzmuzic2myearz BRONZE, Hamilton, Ohio
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Rain drops race down my windows, trying to beat one another to the bottom.
They remind me of my parents, warning me to stay inside on this dark, dreary day.
I ignore their remark and run outside.
Out on the pavement I dodge the worms as if playing hopscotch with myself.
I soak in the cool and wet tears falling from the sky onto my face.
If I stayed inside, I would have missed this moment!
I watch the tiny streams of water move down the gutters and into the grate.
They cascade into the sewers and vanish in a blink.
Now I must trudge back into the dull, boring house, the nice, warm house. . . Achoo!
I should have listened to my rain drop parents, I now have a cold.

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