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June 2, 2010
By inFULLbloom16 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
inFULLbloom16 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Seeing, is not believing. Because seeing donly proves that you know it's there, not that YOU believe, in what you know.

Thank you,
Thank you to those who can’t commit,
Because if you had decided to commit,
I would live in a shadow full of hatred and sorrow.
Thank you to those who loathe the ground I walk on.
Because without it,
I wouldn’t be so brawny
Thank you to those who lie.
Because I know,
Who is not worthy of the trust that makes bond between two souls.
Thank you to those who are fake,
Because I now know who my true friends are.
Thank you to those who cheat,
Because I know I will always be the one who reigns.
So continue with your statements,
Your gossip,
Your lies.
Because no matter how,
Or where you try to kill the self esteem,
That drives my very well-being,
Because I will always,
and forever be,
On top.

The author's comments:
In life I know there will be people that look down on you or don't have the best characteristics. Like in school, kids are always trying to put you down, and make you feel different in a bad way. So I wrote this to say that I will benefit from these situations, because they are only making me stronger, and no matter how hard they try, i will always believe in myself.

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