Pushed Away

June 1, 2010
By Madison Womack BRONZE, Atascadero, California
Madison Womack BRONZE, Atascadero, California
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In so many ways I can describe you
In so many ways you brighten my day
I adore your charm, grace and love
Please don’t push me away

I see you in the mornings
And know my day will not be poor
Now you wave and say hi to me
But you never would before

Love is such a short word
But can be expanded to something new
I’ve never felt this emotion
In anyone but you

You laugh at all my jokes
And make me smile when I am sad
Whenever I am with you
You have a way of making me glad

Your eyes are like a window
I see right into your heart
I could never even imagine
You and me drifting apart

But sometimes I am wrong
And people go astray
I want you here by my side
Don’t ever push me away

I’m so glad to have found
Such an amazing friend; that’s you
I am blessed in so many ways
As our relationship grew

I’m not some sort of stalker
I just meet you at the door
I just wanted you to talk to me
That’s all I’m asking for

Just because I like you
And flirt by some mistake
Please don’t think of me as weird
Is our relationship a fake?

Now that I’ve matured
And thought some things through
I know we are better off friends
And never just me and you

Thanks for being there for me
Thanks for being strong
I love you like a brother
We will be friends forever long

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