June 1, 2010
By ABC-123 BRONZE, Atascadero, California
ABC-123 BRONZE, Atascadero, California
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Ever looked at a blade of grass?
Nothing more then a spec of dust.
Just like every other blade grass
But think of it from the blades perspective.
Striving for singularity in a world of conformity
Trying to reach the top with out being overrun by the mass consensus.

Ever looked at a blade of grass?
No different then all the others, except in the ways that it is.
Ever think to stop and appreciate what it has done for you?
It has supported you when you fell, held the gum on your shoe
Accepted the mass amounts of dog excrement.

And how do we repay it?

Landfills, nuclear power, illegal dumping,
Murder, monster truck rallies, Wal-Mart,
And other mass establishments that ruin
The integrity of the land we stand upon

Ever looked at a human?

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