This Blizzard

May 27, 2010
Stuck in a blizzard of loneliness
Half of my soul is gone,I'm even less
Than who i was before
I fell for her and hit the floor
Half of my soul has left me
Not on purpose you see
They took her away
She couldn't stay
She says she will be back
But for now my world is black
In this blizzard i see no one
i see no sun
I am no one
I am empty
All emotions stripped from me
and days roll by endlessly
Don't you see
Im just a ghost
Trying to make the most
Of this deprivation
Of half of my soul.Oh the starvation
In this blizzard i see no one
I see no sun
But only a single ray
Of your light on me
enough hope to get me to tomorrow.

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